Livingston And Evans Songbook

Michael Feinstein

Livingston And Evans Songbook
  • CAT # FCD-3101-25

    1. You're So Right For Me 2:28
    2. Mona Lisa 5:00
    3. What Fools These Mortals Be 3:02
    4. Buttons And Bows 2:44
    5. The Late Scene 3:54
    6. Bonanza / Mr. Ed 2:03
    7. All The Time 3:04
    8. How Much Will I Love You 3:41
    9. His Own Little Island 2:41
    10. Silver Bells 3:01
    11. Ya' Got Class 2:59
    12. Never Let Me Go 4:51
    13. Jubilie-Jubilo 4:37
    14. Tammy 3:23
    15. Through Children's Eyes 3:07
    16. To Each His Own 4:22
    17. Almost In Your Arms 3:30
    18. Henriette 2:36
    19. The Mating Season 3:11
    20. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera) 2:16
    21. As I Love You 2:40
    22. Anywhere But Here 3:40
    23. Wish Me A Rainbow 2:54

The multi-Oscar-winning songwriting team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans penned some of the most memorable songs for the silver screen and in the American Songbook. With some twenty-six Livingston and Evans songs that boast record sales of a million or more, the word "popular" in "popular song" certainly applies literally where Livingston and Evans are concerned. With this debut release on the Feinery label, pianist, vocalist and popular music historian Michael Feinstein explores the treasure trove of Livingston and Evans songs with Jay Livingston himself (who also plays piano and sings) revealing new facets of these ageless gems. Vocalist Melissa Manchester joins in on a recording that is as fun as it is insightful.

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