Liza Minnelli: Highlights From The Carnegie Hall Concert

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli Highlights From The Carnegie Hall Co
  • CAT # 85505-25

    1. I Can See Clearly Now/I Can See It 2:52
    2. Here I'll Stay/Our Love is Here to Stay 5:54
    3. Old Friends 3:03
    4. You Can Have Him/Time Heals Everything
    5. How Deep is the Ocean 3:17
    6. Some People 3:35
    7. Ring Them Bells
    8. Alexander's Ragtime Band 3:41
    9. Somewhere Out There
    10. Ebb & Kander Medley I: Introduction/Liza with a Z/All I Need Is One Good Break/Sing Happy/A Quiet Th 5:14
    11. Ebb & Kander Medley II: Liza with a Z/Mein Herr/Money, Money 1:37
    12. Maybe This Time 3:00
    13. Ebb & Kander Medley III: I'm one of the Smart Ones/Yes/City Lights/Liza with a Z/But the World Goes 8:05
    14. Ebb & Kander Medley IV: Cabaret/Cabaret Bows 4:57
    15. New York, New York 2:53

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From May 28 to June 18, 1987, Liza Minnelli wowed audiences in her series of live performances at New York's Carnegie Hall. Written by Fred Ebb… More