Lucky Strikes

Lucky Thompson Quartet

Lucky Strikes
  • CAT # OJCCD-194-2

    1. In A Sentimental Mood 6:40
    2. Fly With The Wind 4:01
    3. Mid-Nite Oil 5:08
    4. Reminiscent 4:04
    5. Mumba Neua 4:49
    6. I Forgot To Remember 6:38
    7. Prey-Loot 4:05
    8. Invitation 3:53

One of the saxophone legends, Lucky Thompson's style was nurtured in the Swing Era and molded by the innovations of bebop. His pulling-together of the various righteous elements from different persuasions and directions was honed to a personal sharpness in his brilliant series of recordings for Prestige, in which he revealed a talent on the soprano saxophone as well as the tenor. Long out of print, Lucky Strikes is doubly welcome because Thompson has been off the scene since the mid-1970s.

with Hank Jones, Richard Davis, Connie Kay

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