Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Radio Broadcast With Bruce Hornsby

Bruce Hornsby

Marian McPartlands Piano Jazz Radio Broadcast With
  • CAT # TJA-12051-25

    1. Conversation 2:42
    2. King Of The Hill / Twelve Tone Tune 5:02
    3. Conversation 4:28
    4. Sneaking Up On Boo Radley 3:45
    5. Conversation 2:36
    6. Parisian Thoroughfare 2:54
    7. Conversation 2:33
    8. Close Your Eyes 3:06
    9. Conversation 1:25
    10. Solar 4:27
    11. Conversation 3:46
    12. We'll Be Together Again 2:11
    13. Conversation 5:37
    14. That's Just The Way It Is 3:42
    15. Conversation 2:10
    16. Blue Monk 3:05
    17. Conversation

GRAMMY® Award-winning pianist/singer/songwriter Bruce Hornsby joins Piano Jazz host Marian McPartland in an engaging program of conversation, singing, and piano virtuosity. In affable conversations with McPartland, Hornsby talks about the inescapable influences of jazz piano icons Bill Evans and Bud Powell, the distinction between “jazz” and “cocktail” piano, his experiences touring with (and insights into) the musical/cultural phenomenon that is the Grateful Dead, and much more. Also featuring Hornsby’s multifaceted piano interpretations of jazz standards, stripped-down, acoustic vocal/piano renditions of the Hornsby classics “King of the Hill” and “The Way It Is,” and spirited Hornsby/McPartland piano duets, this energizing edition of Piano Jazz artfully obliterates the unnecessary boundaries between the pop/rock and jazz worlds, revealing what can best be described as simply great music.

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