Marvelous Day!


Marvelous Day
  • CAT # 11661-8142-2

    1. Marvelous Day 3:21
    2. Elephant Hide and Seek 2:20
    3. If You Want to Fly 4:49
    4. Fast Monkey 3:34
    5. Opposite Day 3:26
    6. Spyrtle the Turtle 3:14
    7. Bothering a Sleeping Lion, and Why Not to Do It 1:31
    8. The Veggie Song (Go, Go, Go) 3:24
    9. We're On Our Way 4:44
    10. Ducks Hatching 3:20
    11. The Audition 3:21
    12. The Joke
    13. She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes 2:23
    14. Hero 3:48
    15. Water Cycle 3:15
    16. Jack's Lullaby 3:58

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Every day is a Marvelous Day with SteveSongs' blend of musicality and imagination. Smart and sassy, catchy and fun, these jazzy rock songs reach out to the heart of kids and their families. Steve blends participatory songs, clever stories and great melodies into an experience that leads young listeners on what the Boston Globe calls 'not just a musical journey but an entertaining, interactive and educational one.' The Los Angeles Times applauds Steve's 'warmth, gentle humor and well-crafted, quirky wordplay.' His songs are tested and approved by the toughest audience on the planet - kids. Winner of the prestigious Parents' Choice Gold Award, Marvelous Day is SteveSongs fifth CD.

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