Mexican Passport

Lighthouse All Stars

Mexican Passport
  • CAT # CCD-14077-2

    1. Viva Zapata! No. 1 3:19
    2. La Soncailli 9:56
    3. Viva Zapata! 8:13
    4. Witch Doctor 3:23
    5. Mambo Los Feliz 3:05
    6. Witch Doctor No. 1 3:25
    7. Witch Doctor 3:23
    8. Mexican Passport 7:23
    9. Mambo Las Vegas 5:23
    10. Latin For Lovers 6:57

with Chet Baker, Milt Bernhart, Conte Candoli, Sonny Clark, Jack Costanzo, Bob Cooper, Rolf Ericson, Maynard Ferguson, Herb Geller, Jimmy Giuffre, Hampton Hawes, Stan Levey, Shelly Manne, Frank Patchen, Max Roach, Shorty Rogers, Frank Rosolino, Bud Shank, Carlos Vidal, Claude Williamson

Recorded between 1952 and 1956.

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In the 1950s, the Lighthouse at Laguna Beach was a major center of jazz activity on the West Coast. The roster of the Lighthouse All-Stars varied… More