Diane Schuur

  • CAT # CCD-2209-25

    1. Meet Me, Midnight 2:58
    2. When October Goes 4:49
    3. Stay Away From Bill 3:49
    4. I'll Be There 4:19
    5. Consider The Point From Both Ends 4:12
    6. What Is Love? 3:31
    7. He Loved Me 4:06
    8. Southwind 2:39
    9. Our Love Will Always Be There 3:31
    10. No Heartache Tonight 3:32
    11. Good-bye My Love 3:58
    12. Life Is Good 4:02
    13. Anytime 3:01

The nighttime doesn’t really get started until Midnight. That’s when vocal diva Diane Schuur comes out to play, stepping up to the vocal mic to sing the perfect jazz noir soundtrack to your late evening. Partnering with legendary songwriter/producer Barry Manilow—who crafted these new jazz nocturnes specifically to showcase Diane’s unparalleled vocal artistry—Diane Schuur swaggers with a smoldering, slow-burning intensity on swinging numbers, while igniting the midnight torch on lush ballads and bossa novas with a passionate, yet gentle, touch. Karrin Allyson, Brian McNight and Manilow himself also join Diane for some intimate vocal duets, making Diane Schuur’s Midnight the only place to be when the clock strikes twelve.

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