More Tales Remixed


More Tales Remixed
  • CAT # HUCD3165-25

    1. Step Aside (Dimitri & DJ Meme Remix)
    2. Love Joy Understanding (Tortured Soul Remix)
    3. Freedom To Love (Simon Grey Remix)
    4. Feel The Pressure (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix)
    5. I've Been Waiting (Ski Oakenfull Remix)
    6. Happy People (Christian Prommer Remix)
    7. N.O.T. (Physics Remix)
    8. I Come Alive (Rimshots & Basses / DJ Day Remix)
    9. Freedom To Love (Yam Who? Remix)
    10. Happy People (Mystery & Matt Early Remix)
    11. I Remember A Time (Francis Hylton Remix)
    12. Tales From The Beach (Outside Remix)

Heads Up Releases DJ Remix of Incognito's Tales From the Beach

Throughout its thirty-year history, Incognito has had one foot in the dance world and another in live concert performance. It was London DJ Joe Williams who first introduced the group to DJ Chris Hill and helped them score a record deal. In the early ‘90s, Incognito was championed by another DJ, Gilles Peterson at Talking Loud, creator of the Acid Jazz scene.

Now, an international cast of the world’s best DJs has remixed the songs from Incognito’s 2008 Heads Up debut, Tales From The Beach, by injecting them with a variety of fresh, modern styles. The recording features the handiwork of such well known masters and fast rising new talents as Dimitri & DJ Meme, Tortured Soul, Simon Grey, Mark De Clive, Ski Oakenfull, Christian Prommer, Physics, DJ Day, Yam Who?, Mystery & Matt Early, Outside and Incognito’s own Francis Hylton.

The set as a whole provides an impressive cross section of some of the dance world’s brightest stars. “They are not created for comparison,” says Incognito’s founder/frontman Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick. “Their purpose is not to compete with or enhance the original. They have their own identity and take you on their own individual journeys.”

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