My Green Kite

Peter Himmelman

My Green Kite
  • CAT # 11661-8126-2

    1. Feet 3:18
    2. My Green Kite 3:40
    3. Another Bite Of Hay 3:20
    4. Maybe Is A Bad Word 3:06
    5. My Father's An Accountant 3:00
    6. A Dozen Roses 3:29
    7. Have You Ever Really Looked At An Egg? 2:58
    8. I Made It For You 3:56
    9. Baseball Tips With Professor Buckley 1:09
    10. Red Rubber Boots 3:26
    11. Nothin' To Say 2:40
    12. Watercolor Set 4:13

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Peter Himmelman has many kites in the air. On his fourth family recording, Peter's quirky sense of humor, strong, friendly vocals, expert musicianship and intelligent, touching and laugh-out-loud funny lyrics make his timeless songs soar. Expect the unexpected - Peter surprises and delights, any age, any time.

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