Mysteries 83415
  • CAT # 83415-25

    1. Mysteries 3:53
    2. Sunrise Celebration 4:51
    3. Prelude to Mr. Mystery
    4. Mr. Mystery 4:08
    5. Soul Mates 4:41
    6. Hideaway of Love 4:18
    7. Ancient Profiles 5:00
    8. Spirit Path 2:16
    9. Pyramid of the Sun 4:32
    10. Look to the Sky 4:40
    11. Atlantis 5:29
    12. City of Gold 4:30
    13. Guardian of the Falls 4:02
Steve Reid's compelling percussion work on Mysteries creates a musical universe strewn with jungle jazz and lush romantic grooves. His follow-up to Water Sign (CD-83396), Mysteries finds Reid, his fellow journeymen, Bamboo Forest, and special guests The Earth, Wind and Fire Horn section, weaving through 13 tracks that blend smooth jazz, funky rhythms and intriguing vocals.

Steve Reid—voted 1997 Jazziz Percussionist of the Year—is no mystery to contemporary jazz. As a current and founding member of the Rippingtons, Reid as achieved worldwide success. He is also a former member of Supertramp. Reid has performed on over five hundred recordings and has produced several gold records. On Mysteries, Reid finds solace in “Soul Mates,” visits ancient cities in “Pyramid of the Sun,” and explores earth’s timeless mysteries in the title tracks.

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