Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane

Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane

Kenny Burrell John Coltrane SACD NJSA 8276 6
  • CAT # PRCD-8107-25

    1. Freight Trane 7:22
    2. I Never Knew 7:05
    3. Lyresto 5:45
    4. Why Was I Born? 3:14
    5. Big Paul 14:05

John Coltrane was well into the period of what Ira Gitler indelibly described as Coltrane's "sheets of sound" explorations when he and Kenny Burrell met in a Prestige studio jam session. Coltrane had a tendency to pack notes into every bar, but he balanced it with the lyricism that made him an artist capable of moving listeners by speaking a melody simply and clearly. Nowhere in his discography is his melodic talent more plainly on display than in his short unaccompanied duet with Burrell's guitar on "Why Was I Born?" Buoyed by pianist Tommy Flanagan and Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb, Coltrane and Burrell also explore a couple of blues, Burrell's interesting composition "Lyresto," and the 1925 classic "I Never Knew." Master engineer Rudy Van Gelder's sound has never been reproduced more gloriously than in this Super Audio Compact Disc (SA-CD) edition.

with Tommy Flanagan, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb

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