Night Flyer: The Singer Songwriter Collection

Tony Rice

Night Flyer The Singer Songwriter Collection
  • CAT # 11661-1619-2

    1. Never Meant to Be 4:07
    2. Urge For Going 5:48
    3. Me and My Guitar 3:55
    4. St. James Hospital 4:57
    5. John Wilkes Booth 3:51
    6. Four Strong Winds 4:00
    7. Night Flyer 3:57
    8. He Rode All the Way to Texas 3:30
    9. About Love 3:42
    10. Changes 2:20
    11. Sweetheart Like You 4:28
    12. Greenlight on the Southern 3:24
    13. Hard Love 4:19
    14. Why You Been Gone So Long 3:20
    15. Wayfaring Stranger 3:48
    16. Likes of Me 2:58
    17. Pony 4:21

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This new Rounder compilation from acoustic music icon Tony Rice contains a wide swath of songs drawn from several of his albums, plus three tracks previously unreleased. It displays the variety and timelessness of his engaging vocal work throughout the years, and is a testament to the wide range of non-bluegrass material that he incorporated into his signature sound. The emotional quality in these recordings has had an undeniably powerful effect on acoustic and bluegrass musicians for several generations, as each song invites the listener into a different room full of depth and life experience, of passion, pain, and growth, in the end comprising a beautiful structure of human emotions. This feeling is built upon, complemented, and adorned by some of the best instrumentalists of any genre, led by the incomparable guitar work and dynamic vocals of Tony himself. -from the liner notes by Ron Block

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