No Room For Argument

Wallace Roney

No Room For Argument
  • CAT # SCD-9033-25

    1. No Room For Argument 5:35
    2. Homage & Acknowledgement (Love Supreme / Files De Kilimanjaro) 7:47
    3. Straight No Nothing 7:12
    4. Metropolis 4:34
    5. Christina 8:03
    6. Neubeings 10:15
    7. Cygroove 8:23
    8. He Who Knows 5:19
    9. Virtual Chocolate Cherry 8:26
    10. Midnight Blue 6:14

At once accessible and on the cutting edge, trumpeter Wallace Roney merges modern, creative jazz improvisation with infectious, relentless grooves, peppered with almost subliminal yet highly-charged samples and electronica. A cast of modern jazz stalwarts - Steve Hall (tenor & soprano saxophone & bass clarinet), Antoine Roney (tenor & soprano saxophone & bass clarinet), Geri Allen (piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, synthesizer), Adam Holzman (Wurlitzer electric piano, organ, mini-moog, synthesizers), Buster Williams (bass), Lenny White (drums), Val "Gelder" Jeanty (samples & electronica) - join Roney in a recording that leaves No Room for Argument-it's simply one of his most creative and mesmerizing outings to date. "A fluent, melodic improviser, Roney's playing consistently displays imagination" -

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