On the Right Track
  • CAT # 11661-7552-2

    1. Right Turn 2:57
    2. Must Come True 4:31
    3. It's Now Or Never 3:26
    4. Getty Getty 3:37
    5. Caught In The Middle 3:35
    6. Big Or Small 2:58
    7. (We Want To Be) On The Right Track 3:22
    8. Pharaoh House 3:15
    9. Proverbial Stick 5:11
    10. Cool Breeze 3:09
    11. Proverbial Dub 5:46

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The Gladiators' third Heartbeat album featuring Albert Griffiths' rough-edged, honest approach to singing. Produced by Albert Griffiths and Chris Wilson.

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