Out Of The Forrest

Jimmy Forrest

Out Of The Forrest
  • CAT # OJCCD-097-25

    1. Bolo Blues 4:02
    2. I Cried For You 5:03
    3. I've Got A Right To Cry 2:48
    4. This Can't Be Love 2:34
    5. By The River Sainte Marie 5:13
    6. Yesterdays 4:59
    7. Crash Program 4:02
    8. That's All (instrumental) 13:58

From the time Coleman Hawkins firmly established the tenor saxophone on the jazz map, it has been one of the most potent forces in the music, its best practitioners able to raise the roof with a jumping blues, soothe the savage beast with a tender love ballad, and do just about anything in between.
At the time of this recording (1961), Jimmy Forrest, the St. Louis-born reedman, was a veteran of the Fate Marable, Jay McShann, Andy Kirk, and Duke Ellington bands. Later in his career he starred with Count Basie. Here he leads a quartet of teammates from the combo of "Sweets" Edison, including the young Austrian pianist Joe Zawinul, through a gamut of the aforementioned moods from "Crash Program" to the caressing "That's All," with a few tips of the cap to Ben Webster along the way.

with Joe Zawinul, Tommy Potter, Clarence Johnston

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