Both Sides

Braxton Brothers

Both Sides
  • CAT # PKD-8507-25

    1. Intro (Both Sides)
    2. Stop Sayin' That 4:05
    3. What Did I Say 4:29
    4. Whenever I See You 3:42
    5. Better Than Nothing? 4:18
    6. So Divine 4:57
    7. Back 2 Love 5:12
    8. More Than You Know 3:22
    9. Do What You Feel 4:17
    10. Do You Like It 4:16
    11. Sometimes 4:45
    12. If You Love Me 4:34

Smooth Jazz's chart-topping dynamic duo is back! The Braxton Brothers'—saxophonist Wayne and electric bassist Nelson—unique blend of memorable melodies and infectious grooves have made these soulful siblings a perennial favorite of Smooth Jazz and R&B fans alike. Both Sides of the multifaceted Braxton Brothers are showcased, front-and-center, in this new recording—the saxophone and the bass, the melodic and the grooving.

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