• CAT # PKD-8517-25

    1. Don't Stop 3:59
    2. I Want You For Myself 3:41
    3. It's You 4:01
    4. Blue Sands 4:17
    5. Find Your Way 4:41
    6. When You Touch Me 4:23
    7. Tonight 4:28
    8. Rollin' 3:45
    9. Anything For You 4:24
    10. Love Is Crazy 4:16
    11. Best Days 5:38

Saxophonist Wayne and bassist Nelson, better known as the Braxton Brothers, are on a roll again. With Rollin' the Braxton Brothers deliver a moving, grooving experience, melding memorable melodies and infectious, funky rhythms. From Smooth Jazz to R&B, Rollin' epitomizes the Braxton Brothers' signature, contagious musical blend.

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