Paper Moon
  • Release Date: 01 Mar 1996
  • Label: TELARC
  • Genre: JAZZ
  • CAT # 83375-25

    1. Straighten Up and Fly Right 4:37
    2. I'm Lost 3:58
    3. Sweet Lorraine 4:36
    4. Nature Boy 3:55
    5. Homeward Bound 5:20
    6. I'm Thru With Love 3:53
    7. It's Only A Paper Moon 5:13
    8. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You 5:01
    9. Lost April 5:02
    10. Peaches 6:17
    11. You've Changed 3:53
    12. I'd Love To Make Love to You 3:12
    13. Could Ja 3:25
    14. I Just Can't See for Lookin' 4:02

Most Nat Cole fans know the late musician for his singing and piano accompaniment, yet jazz aficionados admire Cole's trio era. Believing that Cole was the most underrated jazz pianist of all time, George Shearing and his drumless trio—bassist Neil Swainson and acoustic guitarist Louis Stewart—aptly captures that phase of Cole's career.

The George Shearing Trio delivers a gorgeous recorded session of fourteen Nat "King" Cole tunes including: "Homeward Bound," "Straighten Up and Fly Right," "Nature Boy," "Sweet Lorraine," "I'm Through With Love" and "It's Only a Paper Moon."

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