Pictures Of The Floating World

Yolanda Kondonassis

Pictures Of The Floating World
  • CAT # 80488-25

    1. Trad. Chinese Folksong: Small River Flowing 2:33
    2. Tournier: Vers la source dans le bois (By the Brook in the Woods) 4:25
    3. Debussy: En Bateau (On the Boat) 4:28
    4. Miyagi: Haru No Umi (Ocean in Springtime) 8:08
    5. Hasselmans: La Source (The Brook) 3:56
    6. Kondonassis: Liquid Shadows (1997) 5:32
    7. Debussy: La Cathedrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral) 6:54
    8. Rochberg: Ukiyo-E (Pictures of the Floating World) 12:42
    9. Ibert: Reflets dans l'eau (Reflections in the Water) 5:37
"An absolutely gorgeous program…if your hair doesn't stand on end, you're shaving too close." —New York Daily News

For her fifth Telarc recording, talented young harpist Yolanda Kondonassis has chosen an unusual collection of pieces from Asia, France, and America (including the premiere of her own composition, Liquid Shadows), all having to do with the power, mystery and beauty of water.

“I still remember the first time I heard Debussy’s La Mer as a child,” she said. “I was completely captivated by the idea that music could so vividly depict images and experiences. The process of developing and recording this program...allowed me to explore and expand upon many ways in which harp translates sound into imagery.”

Many of the works on the recording were originally written for other instruments and have been arranged or transcribed for harp by Kondonassis. The title work on the album, Rochberg’s Ukiyo-E (Pictures of the Floating World), is one of three separate compositions by that title, and the only one of the three the composer wrote for solo harp. It was written for harpist Marcella de Cray in 1973.

The winner of numerous prizes and domestic and international competitions, Kondonassis is an extremely active teacher and performer, both as a soloist and a chamber musician.

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Now available in 2-channel stereo SACD as well as the CD recording!

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