Public Cowboy #1: A Centennial Salute To The Music Of Gene Autry

Riders In The Sky

Public Cowboy 1 A Centennial Salute To The Music O
  • CAT # 11661-0593-2

    1. Back In The Saddle Again 3:58
    2. Sioux City Sue 2:38
    3. Mexicali Rose 2:46
    4. You Are My Sunshine 3:23
    5. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? 3:38
    6. Can't Shake the Sands of Texas from My Shoes 2:54
    7. That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine 3:58
    8. Be Honest With Me 2:19
    9. Blue Canadian Rockies 2:43
    10. Lonely River 3:01
    11. South Of The Border 3:12
    12. Ridin' Down the Canyon 4:16
    13. Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle 4:18
    14. The Last Roundup 4:45
    15. Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend) 3:43
    16. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 3:25

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I am honored that Riders In The Sky chose to do this special tribute album of my music. They are a talented bunch of sidekicks, and any cowboy would be proud to ride with them.' - Gene Autry

Riders In The Sky tip their huge ten-gallon hats to Gene Autry, 'Public Cowboy Number One,' with this re-issue of their award-winning 1996 CD, marking the celebration of Gene's 100th birthday. All of the original songs are included PLUS four bonus recordings of Gene's best-loved numbers. Includes new notes by Ranger Doug. Thanks Gene. Thanks for teaching us the Cowboy Way.

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Click here to purchase this album on Amazon.comWe've rounded up12 of the most famous and beloved songs of the west -- performed in the… More