Rabbit Songs


Rabbit Songs
  • CAT # 11661-3248-2

    1. Lord, Blow the Moon Out Please
    2. When I Was Drinking 3:44
    3. Half Acre 3:23
    4. Burying Song 1:13
    5. Betting On Trains 2:44
    6. Leave Me Here 3:50
    7. All That I'm Good For 3:24
    8. Idle (The Rabbit Song) 3:44
    9. Stupid Mouth Shut 3:24
    10. Lazy Eye 2:26
    11. Sailor 3:00
    12. Polly's Dress 1:11
    13. Night Like a River 3:48
    14. The Cuckoo 2:57
    15. Waltz 2:41
    16. Horsey 3:34

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Rabbit Songs,' the debut album by Hem, is now available from Rounder. ''Rabbit Songs' is sophisticated, sexy and gorgeous...exquisite acoustic pop, 'Rabbit Songs' typifies musical elegance, a passionate and beautiful folk-pop record.'-ROLLINGSTONE.COM ''Rabbit Songs' is a gauzy, dreamy masterpiece, a latticework of lovely vocals and atmospheric guitar, mandolin, pedal steel and orchestra.... This is an exquisite album.'-ASSOCIATED PRESS ''Rabbit Songs' is full of quiet interweaving melodies that are elegant, eloquent, and anodyne. Its gossamer harmonies evoke a pastoral yesteryear that was simpler, more beautiful.'-BOSTON PHOENIX 'A gorgeously evocative tapestry with gem-perfect piano playing, rustic guitar, and fiddle, and the caressing, gentle-as-a-breeze vocals of divinely gifted songbird Sally Ellyson.'-PLAYBACK, ST. LOUIS

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