• CAT # CCD-4853-25

    1. I Hear Music 6:04
    2. Street Of Dreams 4:01
    3. I Thought About You 4:34
    4. Stella By Starlight 3:23
    5. Falling In Love With Love 5:03
    6. Last Night When We Were Young 2:54
    7. In Your Own Sweet Way 4:08
    8. New Orleans 3:56
    9. Tickle Toe 5:02
    10. Two For The Road 4:24
    11. Symphony 4:16
    12. Cymbalism 5:21
    13. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 7:15

Marian McPartland Trio, with Joe Morello and myself, played for several years in the mid-1950s at the Hickory House on 52nd Street in New York City. That particular edition of her trio has long been a favorite of Marian's and, after we reconvened for a couple of tunes at her 80th birthday celebration at Town Hall in New York, Marian decided to get it together again for a couple of nights at the new Birdland on West 44th Street. It was a joyous occasion for the musicians and their fans alike, as Marian led her old friends through a few arrangements from over forty years ago, added several contemporary items, and found imaginative settings to feature the solo improvisations of all three of us. Concord Records is happy to present a selection of the music played on that historic weekend in September, 1998. - Bill Crow FEATURING: Marian McPartland - piano Bill Crow - bass Joe Morello - drums

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