Rock Angel

The Farmers

Rock Angel
  • CAT # 18964-0548-2

    1. Mars 1:25
    2. Because The World Is Run This Way 1:29
    3. Love My Baby 1:30
    4. This Town 1:51
    5. The Love You're Speaking Of 1:28
    6. Loneliness Isn't Something New 1:56
    7. Things You Say 2:42
    8. Moonlight Falling 1:54
    9. Love Around The World 1:20
    10. Jerked Around 1:56
    11. Rock Bottom 1:24
    12. Pain 1:49
    13. Baby Doll
    14. Running Away From Me 2:40

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Chicago rock trio (two guitars, drums) the Farmers' debut album.'One thing about us is we're trying to bring rock back to its most basic and essential form, to play as if we're the first rock band. To play as if we're the Sun Sessions band. Not to try to sound like them, but to rock as hard as they did.' --The Farmers

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