Rusty Bryant Returns

Rusty Bryant

Rusty Bryant Returns MP3
  • CAT # OJCCD-331-25

    1. Zoo Boogaloo 2:02
    2. The Cat 7:49
    3. Ready Rusty? 4:46
    4. Streak O'Lean 5:56
    5. Night Flight 7:53
    6. All Day Long 9:39

When Bob Weinstock got around to revitalizing his soul-jazz roster in the late Sixties, Lou Donaldson's amplified alto sax sound was often on his mind. Donaldson had scored a number of hits (on Blue Note) with the alto/organ sound. Thus this album featuring Colombus native Rusty Bryant, a veteran on R&B tenor, in his only all-alto LP! His career indeed took off, and he went on to record a lot of fine music for Prestige during 1968-74.

Zoo Boogaloo, The Cat, Ready Rusty?, Streak O' Lean, Night Flight, All Day Long

with Sonny Phillips, Billy Butler, Bob Bushnell, Frankie Jones, Buddy Caldwell

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