Remembering Bud Powell

Chick Corea & Friends

Remembering Bud Powell MP3
  • CAT # SCD-9012-25

    1. Bouncin' With Bud 8:01
    2. Mediocre 8:52
    3. Willow Grove 9:55
    4. Dusk In Sandi 8:06
    5. Oblivion 7:14
    6. Bud Powell 6:02
    7. I'll Keep Loving You 9:06
    8. Glass Enclosure 3:02
    9. Tempus Fugit 9:28
    10. Celia 3:00

Saluting the genius of jazz piano icon Bud Powell, jazz piano innovator Chick Corea puts his indelible stamp on Powell's music, in a collection of inspired and insightful performances. With the help of his friend - a phenomenal all-star ensemble boasting the remarkable talents of Roy Haynes, Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride, Joshua Redman, and Wallace Roney - Chick Corea has delivered a recording that instantly takes its palace among st the most treasured of modern acoustic jazz masterpieces. Recorded upon completion of a highly lauded world tour, Remembering Bud Powell captures not only a rare grouping of individual musicians, but also a spirited and cohesive ensemble with a special musical communication that can only be described as telepathic. FEATURING: Chick Corea - piano Roy Haynes - drums Kenny Garrett - alto saxophone Christian McBride - bass Joshua Redman - tenor saxophone Wallace Roney - trumpet

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