Portrait In Sound

Steve Davis

Portrait In Sound
  • CAT # SCD-9027-25

    1. Portrait In Sound 6:59
    2. I'm Old Fashioned 5:27
    3. Shadows 8:19
    4. The Slowdown 6:03
    5. Darn That Dream 7:43
    6. Runway 7:17
    7. Somber Song 8:28
    8. A Bundle Of Joy 6:34
    9. I Found You 6:18
    10. Samba D 6:41

The man who puts the brass in Chick Corea & Origin's front line, trombonist STEVE DAVIS steps into the spotlight with Portrait In Sound - his first recording on the Stretch label as leader. Davis' original compositions provide the canvas upon which his bright colorful strokes of virtusoic agility, a warm-yet-detailed tone and a forward-thinking, harmonic and melodic sense, coalesce in a most colorful Portrait In Sound indeed. Davis' multifarious talents are showcased in the company of a stellar cast of contemporaries, including Steve Nelson - vibes, David Hazeltine - piano, Nat Reeves - bass, and Joe Farnsworth - drums. Also featured are special guests Brad Mehldau and Origin band mates Steve Wilson, Avishai Cohen and Jeff Ballard. Seven Davis original compositions are accompanied by personal renditions of classic standards "I'm Old Fashioned, " "Darn That Dream" and a dynamic performance of Chick Corea's brand new composition "Shadows" featuring Brad Mehldau on piano.

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