Made By Walking

Tim Garland

Made By Walking MP3
  • CAT # SCD-9030-25

    1. Made By Walking 8:06
    2. Gentle Nemesis 8:55
    3. Evil Cradling 6:05
    4. The Moon For Her 3:42
    5. Pablo 7:58
    6. Emergence 8:21
    7. Traveller, Your Footprints Are The Only Path 6:49
    8. Flicks 1:36
    9. Dark Horse 5:01
    10. Good Morning Heartache 7:27
    11. Trinity 7:41

Garland's debut recording for Chick Corea's imprint Stretch Records, Made By Walking, skillfully balances the elements of swing and improvisation with literary and indigenous music references from his own background and upbringing.

A careful listening of Tim Garland's Made By Walking reveals a potpourri of compositional devices and palette of colors the artist employs in his writing for the group.

One of the real treats of the album is listening to how Garland scores his arrangements for both Joe Locke, who plays vibes and five octave concert marimba, and pianists Goeff Keezer and Corea, who are able to interact in a way which is uncluttered and harmonically sophisticated.

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