Avishai Cohen

Colors SCD 9031 2
  • CAT # SCD-9031-25

    1. Shuffle 6:05
    2. Heavy 5:36
    3. Emotions 2:47
    4. Shay Ke 6:16
    5. Colors 5:31
    6. De Ye Tan Di 2:14
    7. Arka 6:17
    8. Balkan 5:01
    9. I B 4 U 6:03
    10. Slick 6:11
    11. Le Jeff 6:39
    12. Inner Frame 4:09
    13. Voice 2:05

On Adama and Devotion, his first two sessions for Stretch, the bassist Avishai Cohen impressed critics and listeners with his expansive tone palette and ambitious compositions, stamping his sophisticated sense of harmony and polyrhythm to Near-Eastern modes, Sephardic melodies, Latin grooves, blues forms, and a string quartet, leavening the mix with an infectious beat and penetrating sound.

Cohen takes his music to a new level on Colors, recorded after an inspiring week at Manhattan's Sweet Basil. He composed a chunk of the music in hotel rooms and on airplanes as the bassist for Chick Corea's Origin ensemble for three years.

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