Chick Corea And Origin

Originations MP3
  • CAT # SCD-9034-25

    1. Wigwam 7:00
    2. I B 4 U 6:03
    3. Turnin' The Corner 6:08
    4. Shadows 8:19
    5. Made By Walking 8:06
    6. Beat Street 5:44
    7. Madrid 4:51
    8. Roots & Herbs 1:44
    9. I'm Old Fashioned 5:27
    10. Flicks 1:36
    11. Psalm 12:51

Chick Corea presents a collection showcasing some of the solo works by the immensely talented musicians that comprise his acclaimed ensemble Origin. In addition to providing an enticing sampling of the innumerable talents of Origin band members Avishai Cohen, Steve Wilson, Steve Davis, Tim Garland and Jeff Ballard - each clearly world-class solo jazz artists in their own right - this collection also includes the Chick Corea & Origin track "Psalm" (previously released only in Japan), as well as the band's signature tune "Wigwam."

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