Past, Present & Futures

Chick Corea New Trio

Past Present Futures MP3
  • CAT # SCD-9035-25

    1. Fingerprints 5:18
    2. Jitterbug Waltz 6:19
    3. Cloud Candy 7:02
    4. Dignity 5:39
    5. Rhumba Flamenco 6:19
    6. Anna's Tango 4:37
    7. The Chelsea Shuffle 6:03
    8. Nostalgia 4:55
    9. The Revolving Door 6:21
    10. Past, Present & Futures 9:39
    11. Life Line 7:18

The core of Chick Corea's acclaimed and influential "Origin" sextet - Chick Corea (piano), Avishai Cohen (bass) and Jeff Ballard (drums) - now forms one of jazz's most innovative and exhilarating acoustic trios, THE CHICK COREA NEW TRIO. The ideal setting for exploring the creations of 'Corea: the prolific composer' ("Jitterbug Waltz" is the only standard tune on this album, the rest are compositions sprung from Chick's fertile imagination). THE CHICK COREA NEW TRIO artfully dances the line between "tight and arranged" and "spontaneous and fearless;" and with stunning empathy and jaw-dropping virtuosity. The next musical milestone for Chick Corea, Past, Present & Futures, reveals and artist who refuses to rest on his myriad past accomplishments - an artist who remains open to unlimited creativity found in each present moment, and in doing so continues to create and change the course of music's future.

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