The Ultimate Adventure

Chick Corea

The Ultimate Adventure
  • CAT # SCD-9045-25

    1. Three Ghouls - Part 1 1:39
    2. Three Ghouls - Part 2 4:01
    3. Three Ghouls - Part 3 3:10
    4. City of Brass 6:39
    5. Queen Tedmur 5:15
    6. El Stephen - Part 1 6:39
    7. El Stephen - Part 2 1:47
    8. King And Queen 6:06
    9. Moseb The Executioner - Part 1 1:39
    10. Moseb The Executioner - Part 2 2:20
    11. Moseb The Executioner - Part 3 1:55
    12. North Africa 6:24
    13. Flight From Karoof - Part 1 6:12
    14. Flight From Karoof - Part 2 1:36
    15. Planes of Existence - Part 1 5:26
    16. Arabian Nights - Part 1 4:31
    17. Arabian Nights - Part 2 2:38
    18. Gods And Devils 2:16
    19. Planes of Existence - Part 2 2:50

Adventure has been an operative word during the innovative keyboardist-composer Chick Corea's four decades in jazz's major leagues. Leading an assortment of ensembles of varying size, Corea (b. 1941) has explored virtually every sonic landscape and unearthed a wealth of musical treasures.

The Ultimate Adventure is at once a recapitulation and a revelation. Drawing on an exceptional supporting cast with whom he's previously collaborated productively (Hubert Laws, Airto Moreira, Steve Gadd, Frank Gambale) or with whom he's more recently forged empathic relationships (Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Vinnie Colaiuta), Adventure again displays that Corea is among our most inventive melodists who masterfully avails himself of multiple global sources, from Middle Eastern and flamenco harmonies and tonalities to several African rhythmic styles.

The Ultimate Adventure is from beginning to end an epic.

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