Greatest Slow Jams

The Dramatics

Greatest Slow Jams
  • CAT # STX-34490-02

    1. Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything) 5:07
    2. In The Rain 5:11
    3. Toast To The Fool 5:32
    4. I Can’t Get Over You 4:09
    5. I Was The Life Of The Party 4:42
    6. I Dedicate My Life To You 3:30
    7. Thank You For Your Love 4:27
    8. And I Panicked 3:34
    9. Fall In Love, Lady Love 3:37
    10. I Made Myself Lonely 3:49
    11. Tomorrow 3:57
    12. Hey You! Get Off My Mountain 3:30

Producer Kevin "Slow Jammin'" James has brought together a collection of the ultimate slow jams from American soul group The Dramatics, whose members included Ron Banks, L.J. Reynolds, Lenny Mayes, Willie Ford and Winzell Kelly. Titled The Dramatics - Greatest Slow Jams, and set for release on Stax Records, this compilation stems predominantly from the band's breakout hits of the early '70s, a time when the band was recording with Stax-Volt as well as ABC Records. "Tomorrow," a track originally released on Fantasy in 1985 by Dramatics vocalist L.J. Reynolds, has never before been made available on CD.

This album includes such chart-toppers as "Toast to the Fool" and their popular number one R&B hit "In the Rain." According to James "My love life would have been dramatically reduced without The Dramatics music in my life."

The Dramatics began as the vocal sextet The Dynamics in 1962 and signed to Stax-Volt Records in 1968, where they found great commercial and critical success. In 1971, they released "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get," which broke them into the top 10 of the Billboard charts with the title track and awarded them with their first gold album, selling over one million units. The following year, they released "In the Rain," which went to number one on the R&B charts for four consecutive weeks and number five on the pop charts.

The "Slow Jams" brand began as a late night radio show in 1985 hosted by Kevin "Slow Jammin'" James. It soon developed into a successful program and eventually a series of CD compilations that blended old and new R&B love songs.

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