Satta Massagana Deluxe Edition

The Abyssinians

Satta Massagana Deluxe Edition
  • CAT # 11661-7838-2

    1. Declaration of Rights 3:28
    2. The Good Lord 3:25
    3. Forward Unto Zion 3:46
    4. Know Jah Today 2:56
    5. Abendigo 3:36
    6. Y Mas Gan 3:43
    7. Black Man's Strain 2:45
    8. Satta Massagana 3:30
    9. I and I 3:34
    10. African Race 2:55
    11. Leggo Beast 3:10
    12. Peculiar Number 4:00
    13. Reason Time 2:55
    14. There Is No End 3:22
    15. Jerusalem 2:17
    16. Leggo Beast Dub 2:58
    17. Abendigo (Extended Mix) 5:57
    18. Poor Jason Whyte (Extended Mix) 4:18

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Satta Massagana is one of reggae's greatest albums by the most inspired of Jamaica's vocal groups, the Abyssinians. This album is filled with great performances, as well as two of reggae's most legendary songs, 'Declaration of Rights' and 'Satta Massagana.' The song 'Satta Massagana' serves as reggae's national anthem, but all the songs on this album are equally as good.

The Abyssinians proclaim their message through heavenly harmonies, their lyrics ringing with righteousness and track for track this album achieves a breathtaking clarity of vision. This release of Satta Massagana also includes four extra songs.

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