Screamin' The Blues

Oliver Nelson Sextet

Screamin The Blues LP OJC 080
  • CAT # OJC-080

    DISC ONE  
    1. Screamin' The Blues 10:59
    2. March On, March On 5:00
    3. The Drive 5:49
    DISC ONE  
    1. The Meetin' 6:43
    2. Three Seconds 6:25
    3. Alto-itis 4:59

Tenor and alto saxophonist Oliver Nelson meets Eric Dolphy (alto, bass clarinet and flute) on this exciting sextet session with trumpeter Richard Williams, pianist Richard Wyands, bassist George Duvivier and drummer Roy Haynes. Although Dolphy is too unique and skilled to be overshadowed, Nelson certainly hold his own… effectively matching Dolphy's wit and creative ideas. Newly reissued on vinyl, Screamin' The Blues is a MUST HAVE addition to all jazz collections.

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