Minnie Driver

  • CAT # 01143-1087-2

    1. Stars & Satellites 5:19
    2. Sorry Baby 4:19
    3. Beloved 5:07
    4. Cold Dark River 4:28
    5. Mockingbird 4:12
    6. How to Be Good 4:47
    7. King Without a Queen 4:03
    8. Mary 4:07
    9. Lakewater Hair 3:21
    10. London Skies 4:39
    11. Coming Back to Life 6:11
    12. Love Is Love 1:10

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Though best known as an actress, Minnie Driver defied critics' expectations and established herself as a serious artist and musician with her well-received debut album Everything I've Got in My Pocket. Her new CD SEASTORIES goes farther in exploring new musical territory, from the rich sonic textures of 'Beloved' to the bluesy soul of 'Cold Dark River' to the seductive minor key groove of 'Mockingbird' to the poetic chamber folk of 'Lakewater Hair.' Producer Marc 'Doc' Dauer and guest musicians Ryan Adams and The Cardinals, Liz Phair and Rami Jaffee (The Wallfowers) match but never overwhelm Driver's vivid lyrics, soaring melodies and spirited performances on this thoroughly pleasing collection of intelligent pop.

'Blasting holes in the actor-singer stigma...Minnie Driver isn't like most actors who treat making records as a hobby. She's actually good.' - HARP

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As an in-demand TV and movie actor, Minnie Driver has not had a lot of time for her first love: making music, songwriting and singing. Before… More