Seresta Brasileira

Baden Powell

Seresta Brasileira
  • CAT # MCD-9212-25

    1. Rosa 5:40
    2. Serenata Do Adeus 5:13
    3. Valsa Sem Nome 3:31
    4. Primeiro Amor 1:52
    5. Velho Amigo 4:16
    6. O Que Tinha De Ser 4:24
    7. Chao De Estrelas 4:51
    8. Cancao Do Amor Ausente 3:40
    9. Revendo O Passado 5:39
    10. Valsa De Euridice 4:45

Those accustomed to Baden’s powerful, “full-hand” style will hear a totally different sound here. This session shows the more intimate Baden Powell, “singing” on the guitar and caressing the enchanting Brazilian serenades heard on this album. Baden chose his repertoire with great care. The opening track, “Rosa” by Pixinguinha, sets the mood of romantic melancholy and deep longing characteristic of the seresta. Most of the remaining selections were written together with Baden’s frequent partner, the late poet/diplomat Vinícius de Moraes. All are suffused with an intense beauty in the hands of the master Baden Powell.

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