Singing in the Streets: Scottish Children's Songs

Alan Lomax Collection

Singing in the Streets Scottish Childrens Songs
  • CAT # 82161-1795-2

    1. London Bridge
    2. My Girl's A Corker 1:47
    3. I've A Sweetheart In America 1:02
    4. There Are Hundreds Of These 1:23
    5. The Night Was Dark
    6. Harry Lauder and Mussolini Are Dead
    7. As I Went Down To Windsor
    8. Chinese Government / Interview 1:40
    9. The Wind, The Wind 2:28
    10. Poor Mary Sat A-Weeping 1:12
    11. Here's A Poor Widow
    12. Little Sally Walker
    13. On the Mountain
    14. All The Boys In London
    15. The Big Ship Sails
    16. In And Out The Windows 1:28
    17. Up Against The Wall
    18. I Paula Tay Paula Taska / Interview
    19. Here Comes A Bluebird
    20. My Father Bought The Little Coat
    21. A Tisket A Tasket
    22. In And Out The Dusty Bluebells
    23. He's a Navvy 1:44
    24. Mother, Mother, I Am Ill
    25. PK Penny Packet / Mrs Mopp / Chicka Tony
    26. One Two Three Alairy
    27. Eevy Ivy Over / Interview
    28. All The Way To London Town / Interview 1:29
    29. Queen Elizabeth Lost Her Shoe
    30. It Has To Come Out Quite Unconsciously
    31. Down in the Valley 1:00
    32. There's Usually An Argument Which One's Which 1:31
    33. Jelly On The Plate
    34. Cowboy Joe / Ippetty Soopitty
    35. My Mother / My Little House 1:02
    36. Eetle Ottle, Black Bottle
    37. Flip Flop
    38. One Two Three Four Five
    39. My Name Is Sweet Jenny 1:02
    40. I'm A Little Orphan Girl 1:10
    41. Broken Hearted, I Wander 1:10
    42. The Bonny Sailor Boy / Interview 1:40
    43. When I Was Single 1:26
    44. An Angel Said To Me
    45. All That Shivers / Canaan's Shore / The Burning Deck
    46. The World Must Be Coming To An End 1:16
    47. Robert Burns
    48. Put Him In The Bathtub
    49. I'm Goin Awa In The Train
    50. Paddy Knight
    51. When I Was Young
    52. Chairlie / The Cotton Spinners / The 42nd 2:32
    53. Geese, Ducks, Stones, Fires and Rain 1:23
    54. Aunty Mary Had A Canary / Wee O'Hara
    55. The Donkey / The Croft / The Policeman 1:06
    56. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?

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An album of rich, timeless musical gleanings of evocative or surreal ephemeral children's lore, gathered in a school playground in the crowded city of Edinburgh, a quiet little classroom on a sparsely populated Hebridean island, a suburban street in Aberdeen, and in quiet conversations with James T. Ritchie, one of Scotland's foremost childlore experts, and with two giants of Scottish folk music: Ewan MacColl and Hamish Henderson. Recorded from 1951 to 1957 by Alan Lomax, Hamish Henderson, and the MacLeans of Raasay. Introduction and notes by Ewan McVicar. Remastered to 24-bit digital from the original field recordings.

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