Somebody Hoo-Doo'd The Hoo-Doo Man

Driftin' Slim And His Blues Band

Somebody Hoo Dood The Hoo Doo Man MP3
  • CAT # OBCCD-590-25

    1. Jackson Blues (A.K.A. Jackson Tennessee) 2:14
    2. How Many More Years? 2:17
    3. Hoo-doo Man Blues (A.K.A. Voodooed The Hoo-Doo Man) 2:35
    4. Mama Blues 2:00
    5. Standing Around Crying 2:40
    6. Give An Account 3:20
    7. Jack O' Diamonds 2:11
    8. My Little Machine 2:47
    9. Mama Don't You Tear My Clothes 2:08
    10. This World Is None Of My Home 3:27
    11. A Dip Of Snuff And A Narrow Escape 1:49
    12. Till I Got Sixteen 2:58
    13. Christine Blues 3:10
    14. Jonah 2:01
    15. I'm Hunting Somebody 2:30

Arkansas-born, Southern California–based blues singer Elmon Mickle (1919-1977) used a variety of monikers, including "Model T Slim," "Harmonica Harry," "Drifting Smith," and, for these 1966-67 recordings, "Driftin' Slim." He also played a variety of instruments--harmonica, guitar, bass drum, and hi-hat cymbals--all together as a one-man band on ten of the 15 selections. Less down-home are the remaining tracks on which Slim is supported by a fat urban rhythm section, which allows him to remove his harmonica from its rack, put his hands around it, and blow--better showcasing his virtuosity in a style strongly influenced by John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson.

with Jack Wall, Ike Parker, Guy Jones

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