Grant-Lee Phillips

  • CAT # 01143-1108-2

    1. Runaway 3:48
    2. Soft Asylum (No Way Out) 5:03
    3. Fountain of Youth 3:50
    4. Hidden Hand 3:36
    5. Dream In Color 4:26
    6. Chain Lightning 3:49
    7. Raise The Spirit 4:59
    8. Same Blue Devils 3:33
    9. Killing A Dead Man 3:49
    10. Johnny Guitar 3:44
    11. Return To Love 3:09
    12. So Much 3:44

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Grant-Lee Phillips calls Strangelet 'an album for strange times.' We call it a masterpiece. Combining the warmth of Grant's recent solo albums with the pure pop hooks found in his albums fronting Grant Lee Buffalo, Strangelet is a highwater-mark in Phillips' career. Grant was fascinated by magic as a child, and he brings the talents of a skilled magician to his songwriting, filling the songs on Strangelet with mystery, suspense and joy. From the soaring choruses of the single 'Soft Asylum (No Way Out)' to the T. Rex-ish swagger of 'Raise the Spirit,' Strangelet is guaranteed to both thrill longtime Grant fans and to bring new members into that fold.

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Click here to purchase this album on Amazon.comGrant-Lee Phillips is one of the most gifted songwriters of his generation, having… More