Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

Streetlights MP3
  • CAT # PRCD-24150-25

    1. I Only Have Eyes For You 5:14
    2. Sweet And Lovely 4:36
    3. Street Lights 5:30
    4. The Way You Look Tonight 6:34
    5. It's A Pity To Say Goodnight 4:48
    6. Time On My Hands 5:51
    7. There Will Never Be Another You 4:48
    8. What's New? 4:02
    9. Too Marvelous For Words 4:37
    10. A Foggy Day 5:10
    11. Beano 5:20
    12. Day By Day 6:47
    13. Robbins Nest 5:37

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis was a pioneer of the tenor-and-organ combo in the Fifties, when he toured with a unit featuring Shirley Scott. After his “Tough Tenors” quintet with Johnny Griffin broke up in 1962, Davis returned to the genre with the two LPs that are combined on this compact disc reissue. He wisely chose the established working trio of guitarist Paul Weeden, which had already backed Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons. Weeden is a loose, sensitive player who enters into productive conversation with the leader on “What's New?” and elsewhere; and his organist, Don Patterson, would go on to be one of the instrument’s major voices. Together with drummer Billy James and Davis regular George Duvivier on bass, they inspire the great tenor saxophonist to some of his most inventive playing in a program filled with excellent blowing material.

with Don Patterson, George Duvivier, Paul Weeden, Billy James

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with Junior Mance, Larry Gales, Ben Riley

Recorded January 6, 1961.



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