Sunday Coming: Original Studio One Masters

Alton Ellis

Sunday Coming Original Studio One Masters
  • CAT # 11661-3511-2

    1. Joy In The Morning 4:04
    2. Sunday Coming 2:23
    3. These Eyes 2:51
    4. Hurting Me 2:25
    5. It's True 2:45
    6. Alton's Groove 2:02
    7. What Does It Take To Win Your Love 2:59
    8. The Picture Was You 3:01
    9. Gonna Take A Miracle 2:14
    10. Your Heart Is Gonna Pay 2:58
    11. Wide Awake In A Dream 2:49
    12. You Make Me So Very Happy 3:07
    13. Reason In The Sky 3:03
    14. The Winner (extended version) 7:21

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Captures the Jamaican Soul Man in his glory days at Studio One. Includes covers of soul tunes like 'These Eyes' and 'What Does it Take,' alongside his own compositions such as 'Picture Was You.' Fourteen Jamaican soul classics from one of reggae's greatest, most influential singers.

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