Unspoken Intentions

Michael Gulezian

Unspoken Intentions MP3
  • CAT # TAKCD-6510-25

    1. Wet Hair, Lather, Rinse, Repeat 2:27
    2. Arcosanti 3:10
    3. Cafe On The Rings Of Saturn 4:38
    4. Ian And Nisa 2:49
    5. The Moon Under Her Feet 3:38
    6. Without You 3:50
    7. 20 Park Avenue 3:29
    8. Meandering Jelly: A Contraceptive Failure 4:05
    9. A Nice Place To Visit 4:08
    10. Ninth And Main 3:08
    11. Goodbye, My Friend 3:11
    12. Stepping On My Thumbs 3:24
    13. Golgotha 4:48

Guitarist/composer Michael Gulezian's first Takoma LP was recorded in 1979. His early style, represented on this CD reissue, incorporated elements of the playing of his labelmates John Fahey (also a co-owner of the label), Leo Kottke, and Robbie Basho, while at the same time going beyond their influence, bringing his own new ideas to the mix. Fans of solo acoustic guitar will find Gulezian's first outing exciting, innovative, and infused with deep spiritual feeling. Michael's music has a deceptively calm surface; quiet and meditative, to be sure, but with depths and complexities that reveal themselves on repeated listenings. No limp New Age noodlings here; Gulezian approaches the instrument like a rock player. He offers us a synthesis of traditional and world musics and a modern sensibility. As Fahey put it, it's an "epoch-breaking" recording.

Recorded 1979-1981.

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