• CAT # PKD-8526-25

    1. Hey Shorty 4:17
    2. Vanelli 4:05
    3. Jak Ghetto 5:07
    4. Howard's In 4:49
    5. Enemy 4:07
    6. Da Truth 4:08
    7. Deringa 4:02
    8. Kaos 5:39
    9. Sumpin' Else 4:42
    10. T.h.u.g. Theme 4:09
    11. Vicious Vamp 1:16

Acclaimed producer Tony Joseph is back with a creative and innovative new album entitled THUG (The House of Urban Grooves) Jazz. Joseph is best known for producing the highly acclaimed Unwrapped series. THUG Jazz combines the elements of urban grooves and hip hop rhythms with jazz overtones, creating an exciting new sound. Featuring some of today’s hottest young stars—including Kevin Toney, Karen Briggs, Cindy Herron (EnVogue), Patrice Rushen and DJ Vicious Lee, amongst others—this album flows like a mix tape and is “Cooler than Chill.”

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