Take Me Back

April Verch

Take Me Back
  • CAT # 11661-7062-2

    1. Take Me Back 3:46
    2. Grand Slaque 5:27
    3. All in a Night 4:06
    4. Monarch 4:20
    5. I Still Cry 4:20
    6. Eclipse 4:31
    7. Bride of Jesus 3:12
    8. Loggers in the Short Grass 2:58
    9. Tennessee Wagoner 3:15
    10. Cruel Moon 3:32
    11. Seven Years 2:55
    12. Tom, Brad & Alice 3:01
    13. Wings to Fly 2:39
    14. This Ottawa Valley 4:27

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When you see April Verch perform, the first thing that strikes you is the pure energy that infuses her fiddle playing and step dancing. When you listen to 'Take Me Back,' though, what draws you in are more subtle things - her confident, winsome singing; the finely detailed elegance of her fiddle phrasing, and the depth of a repertoire that ranges through material from Americana mainstays Buddy and Julie Miller to simple country songs, from rollicking tunes from her native Ottawa Valley to sparkling original instrumentals. 'Take Me Back' is rooted in a deep musical tradition, yet it also serves notice that April Verch has taken a bold step forward and stands on the threshold of a new and exciting stage of her career. -Jon Weisberger

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