Take You to the Sky

Northern Lights

Take You to the Sky
  • CAT # 18964-0533-2

    1. Northern Rail 4:42
    2. Hold Whatcha Got 2:57
    3. The Roseville Fair 3:29
    4. Early Morning Riser 3:40
    5. Let It Roll 4:17
    6. T For Texas 3:17
    7. Winterhawk 3:33
    8. Home Brew Fever 2:40
    9. April Snow 4:06
    10. Souvenirs 3:54
    11. Back On My Mind Again 3:14
    12. Bourree/Borealis Blues 7:02

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. . . I've had many occasions to play with the band and always enjoy the musical spark of Northern Lights. Bill Henry's cascading guitar and warm-hearted lead voice blend perfectly with Taylor's driving mandolin and singing. They are complemented with Mike Kropp's jubilant melodic banjo and the solid, innovative bass playing of Oz Barron. Alison Krauss and Matt Glaser weave their fine fiddling as the finishing touches on this album. 'From the first ringing notes of 'Northern Rail' into the festival atmosphere of 'Winterhawk' to the creative-classical groove of 'Borealis Blues,' this album shines with original tunes , picking and signing. Hear the creative fire of Northern Lights!' --Peter Rowan

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