That's Him!

Abbey Lincoln

Thats Him
  • CAT # OJCCD-085-2

    1. Strong Man 5:01
    2. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 3:22
    3. My Man 3:48
    4. Tender As A Rose 2:56
    5. That's Him 3:23
    6. I Must Have That Man 3:57
    7. I Must Have That Man (Take 3) 3:57
    8. Porgy 4:24
    9. Porgy (Take 1) 4:24
    10. When A Woman Loves A Man 4:25
    11. Don't Explain 7:10

Over the years since she began her recording career with this album, Abbey Lincoln has demonstrated that she belongs to that small, select handful of consistently creative jazz vocalists. So it can be considered prophetic that her debut was supported by this awesomely illustrious group. It's more than merely an "all star" cast: that suggests a one-time-only gathering of uninvolved celebrities, but Sonny Rollins (then just emerging as the new tenor sax colossus) and Kenny Dorham had recently been together in Max Roach's close-knit quintet, and all three had frequently worked with Paul Chambers and that remarkable accompanist, Wynton Kelly. All five wanted Abbey to sound her best--and you can hear it in the results.

with Kenny Dorham, Sonny Rollins, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Max Roach

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