The Art of Love & War

Angie Stone

The Art of Love War MP3
  • CAT # STXCD-30146-25

    1. Take Everything In 3:52
    2. Baby 4:52
    3. Here We Go Again 3:33
    4. Make It Last 3:46
    5. Sometimes 3:21
    6. Go Back To Your Life 1:22
    7. Half A Chance 4:06
    8. These Are The Reasons 5:58
    9. My People 5:59
    10. Sit Down 4:32
    11. Play Wit It 2:54
    12. Pop Pop 3:51
    13. Wait For Me 4:50
    14. Happy Being Me 4:28

The Art Of Love & War channels the best of the classic tradition while looking forward and taking the genre to new places. Stone exclaims, “This is a reflection of where I am both mentally and spiritually and what I feel I’ve attained at this point in my life.”

The CD was recorded in its entirety at Marvin’s Room, Marvin Gaye’s former studio on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles and the one-woman dynamo performed, co-produced, and wrote over 90% of the material.

The Art of Love & War is a musical distillation of everything that Angie has been through and has learned throughout her stellar career. “Baby” featuring R&B/soul/gospel great Betty Wright and production by Co-T, has an irresistible groove, and is the first single to radio. Renowned production team DOA worked with Angie on the introspective ballad “Reasons”. Album opener, “Take Everything In” and “Here We Go” are two of six standout tracks produced by the acclaimed Jonathan Richmond. The anthemic “My People” with special guest James Ingram, was selected by Essence Publisher, Susan Taylor, as the theme song for last month’s Essence Festival’s return to New Orleans. “I think my personal favorite is ‘Happy Being Me,’ Stone points out. “I guess that title gives you a clue about how I’m feeling right now.”

Stone’s previous work earned her the reputation of a modern-day Aretha, rejuvenating classic R&B with her incomparable soul-baring intensity. Although her previous efforts brought her acclaim, Stone felt stultified and in need of a fresh start. She has found that and more with, The Art Of Love & War, in many ways a creative rebirth. And Stax, with its legacy of gritty Southern-steeped soul, is her ideal home.

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