The Best Of The Barkays

The Bar-Kays

The Best Of The Barkays
  • CAT # SCD-8542-25

    1. Son Of Shaft 3:13
    2. Montego Bay 2:32
    3. Humpin' 2:43
    4. Sang And Dance 2:59
    5. Midnight Cowboy 2:48
    6. A.J. The Housefly 2:38
    7. In The Hole 2:34
    8. Holy Ghost 3:56
    9. I Thank You 3:31
    10. Don't Stop Dancing (To The Music)(Part 1) 2:53
    11. Don't Stop Dancing (To The Music) [Part 2] 2:21
    12. Copy Kat 2:20
    13. Memphis At Sunrise 3:22

Soul magazine once called the Bar-Kays "the founding fathers of funk." The 13 sizzling tracks in this collection provide strong support for that assertion. The Bar-Kays not only stayed busy in the studio providing the backbone for countless releases by such Stax/Volt stars as Albert King, Johnnie Taylor, and Isaac Hayes, but found time in their crowded schedule to record on their own. This gathers together the band's finest and most successful sides made between 1968 and the demise of Stax seven years later. With the addition of vocalist Larry Dodson in 1970, the formerly instrumental group became a self-contained unit and pioneered a genre it called "black rock" that contained the seeds of funk. Son of Shaft, Montego Bay, Humpin', Sang and Dance, Midnight Cowboy, A.J. the Housefly, In the Hole, Holy Ghost, I Thank You, Don't Stop Dancing (to the Music) Parts 1 & 2, Copy Cat, plus CD bonus track Memphis Sunrise

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