The Big Picture 80437
  • CAT # 80437-25

    1. Theme from Mission Impossible 1:36
    2. Suite from Batman Forever: Main Title and Fanfare 1:43
    3. Suite from Batman Forever: Fledermausmarschmusik
    4. Suite from Batman Forever: Gotham City Boogie 1:53
    5. Suite from Batman Forever: Batterdammerung 1:29
    6. The Apollo 13 Mission (SFX) 1:36
    7. Re-Entry and Splashdown from Apollo 13 4:36
    8. Express Bus To L.A. from Speed (SFX)
    9. Main Title from Speed 3:40
    10. Roll Tide from Crimson Tide 4:55
    11. F-16 Fighter Squadron - Into The Battle from Independence Day (SFX)
    12. Suite from Independence Day 5:46
    13. End Credits from Braveheart 4:49
    14. End Credits from Cutthroat Island 5:14
    15. Tornado Terror from Twister (SFX) 1:34
    16. The House Visit from Twister 5:21
    17. Main Title from The Last of the Mohicans 3:04
    18. Finale from Dragonheart 6:00
    19. The Remora from Executive Decision 2:25
    20. Going Home from Stargate 3:28
    21. Library Stampede from Jumanji (SFX) 1:29
    22. Suite from Jumanji 7:12
    23. Main Theme from Gettysburg 4:00
    24. Bovine Barnstorm (SFX) 1:52

The latest release by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops features sonically-enhanced versions of themes and incidental music from a variety of recent hit films including Mission Impossible, Apollo 13, Speed, Independence Day, Braveheart and more.

Superb Telarc sound effects include the killer tornadoes from Twister, the animal stampede from Jumanji, and the flight of the F-16s from Independence Day. The release is recorded in Surround Sound, and the cover artwork will include an audio warning sticker because of the powerful levels of the digital sonic effects.

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