The Billy Taylor Trio With Candido

The Billy Taylor Trio

The Billy Taylor Trio With Candido
  • CAT # OJCCD-015-25

    1. Mambo Inn 5:45
    2. Bit Of Bedlam 4:55
    3. Declivity 4:30
    4. Love For Sale 4:48
    5. A Live One 2:45
    6. Different Bells 6:20

Taylor was quite conversant with Afro-Cuban rhythms, having worked with Machito’s orchestra in the mid-Forties. He had recorded with his unit in that idiom for Roost and then, on Prestige--with Machito’s rhythm section--in a mambo session. Candido, after arriving in New York from his native Havana in the early Fifties, almost immediately became part of the jazz scene. He and the Taylor trio were well-suited to one another and as Taylor says, he is “another solo voice as well as an extension of the rhythm section.”

with Earl May, Percy Brice

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with Earl May, Percy Brice, Charlie Smith, Joe Mangual, Uba Nieto, Machito

Recorded July 30, 1954.



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